RV Rental Rates & Information


Western Canada

2024 Rental Rates for Vancouver (Abbotsford), Calgary (Airdrie), Edmonton (Leduc)

vehiclejan 1 – may 31june 1 – june 30july 1 – aug 31sept 1 – sept 25sept 26 – dec 31
C-Small Motorhome$100$149$223$182$93
C-Medium Motorhome$111$169$269$206$99
Class C Run of Fleet$103$157$250$192$93
C-Large Motorhome$124$182$297$214$108
C-XLarge Motorhome$132$197$352$215$131

(Rates include basic insurance)

Eastern Canada

2024 Rental Rates for Toronto (Cookstown), Halifax (Bedford)

vehiclejan 1 – may 31june 1 – jULY 7july 8 – Sept 15sept 16 – sept 30Oct 1 – dec 31
C-Small Motorhome$84$127$205$187$118
C-Medium Motorhome$95$145$249$197$134
Class C Run of Fleet$90$140$222$192$128
C-Large Motorhome$106$148$268$210$149
C-XLarge Motorhome$106$154$317$210$159

(Rates include basic insurance)

RV Rental Specials

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  • Minimum charge: 5 nights (7 nights for departures between Oct 01 – Apr 30)
  • Minimum booking notice: 5 business days
  • Rates are based on basic insurance
  • All rates are in Canadian Dollars and subject to applicable taxes

A $100 fee charged is per rental booking.

Fee charged is per rental. These mandatory items are part of your rental to ensure you have what you need during your RV experience.

Basic tool kit
Biodegradable toilet paper (2 Rolls)
Fresh water and sewer hose
Full propane tank
Power cord with 15 amp adapter
Rubber gloves
Spare 15 amp fuses
Toilet chemicals

Full payment by credit card is required to confirm the reservation. No cash rentals are allowed.

For full details of these offers, please click here.

  • Abbotsford, BC 12%
  • Calgary, AB 5%
  • Edmonton, AB 5%
  • Toronto, ON 13%
  • Halifax, NS 15%
  • Any time after confirmation $100*
  • 15-30 days prior to departure $500*
  • 1-14 days prior to departure 50% of nightly rental rate (minimum $500)*
  • Departure day or no show 100% of rental charge

In the event of a date change, the new travel dates must fall within the same calendar year. Moving the rental dates to the following calendar year will be treated as a cancellation and will be subject to fees.

*Cancellation fees are subject to applicable taxes

Departure: Vehicles are available for pick-up between 8:30AM – 3:00PM
No departures are allowed on the day of arrival on an over-seas flight.

Return: Vehicles must be returned (inspection ready) by 11:30AM.

Opening Hours

  • May to September: All locations are open
    • Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 5PM
    • Saturdays from 8:30AM to 4:00PM.
  • October to April: Winter hours may apply and differ by location. Please check our contact page for opening hours during off season.

The minimum driver’s age is 21 years. All drivers must carry a valid driver’s license at the time of departure and must be registered on the rental agreement. An international driver’s permit is strongly recommended if the original license is not in English or French. Please note that the international driver’s permit is only valid in combination with the original license.

Coverage Rate Coverage Details

  • Basic Insurance is included in your nightly rental. Four Seasons RV Rentals By Fraserway maintains liability coverage on all of its rental vehicles to a maximum of $5 Million.
    • Collision Deductible = $7,500 per occurrence
  • CDR $32/ night (maximum charge of $960) Collision deductible reduced to $750 per occurence*
  • CDW $15 / night (maximum charge $450) Collision deductible waived*
    CDW coverage is only available in combination with CDR coverage

* Exceptions apply – for details please see our complete terms & conditions

Minimum charge for CDR = $224 | Minimum charge for CDW = $105 regardless of rental duration

An authorization of a major credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) is required at the time of departure. For rentals including basic insurance only, a credit card pre-authorization of $7,500 – will be required at the time of departure.

Private Insurance Coverage

For information on private rental vehicle coverage, please click here

Please note that towing is not allowed for insurance reasons.

Every effort is made to ensure that the vehicle reserved will be available. If due to unavoidable circumstances a reserved vehicle is not available, Four Seasons RV Rentals reserves the right to substitute the vehicle with a vehicle of equal or greater value.

Between October 1 – April 30 vehicles may be subject to winterization. The decision will be based on the projected temperatures at the time of departure and the weather forecast. If the vehicle is winterized, it will have no fresh water on board. We therefore recommend staying in campgrounds with electrical hookups and washroom facilities which are open year-round. Please click here for more information on Winter Rentals.

Use of rental vehicles for any large outdoor event may be subject to an additional deposit or surcharge. Vehicles for festivals and events must be explicitly requested at time of reservation.

Restriction: Attendance of the Burning Man Festival with our vehicles is not allowed. Failure to comply with this restriction will result in a penalty of a minimum of $5,000, void of CDR and CDW and renter’s responsibility for all costs involved (including, but not limited to, damage and cleaning).

Please click here for full rental terms and conditions.